Blissbug Bees

Where are your hives?

Currently we have two thriving colonies at our home in Santa Venetia, and another smaller, but still thriving, hive in the Canal area of San Rafael.

Do you get stung?

Yes. For the most part, we get stung a lot less than when we were first learning (aka, when we were first making a lot of mistakes). Getting stung kinda comes with the territory, although we’ll do pretty much anything to avoid it.

Can I come visit your operation?

Yes! There is nothing a beekeeper enjoys more than talking (endlessly) about bees. So yes, we love visitors. Use the Contact Form to express interest and let’s see what we can arrange.

Blissbug Stuff

What’s in Blissbug products?

Blissbug stuff is made mainly beeswax from the colonies, a by-product of honey harvest or hive inspection (when we sometimes have to cut out wayward comb built in a way that’s not correct, according to human definition), PLUS other organic ingredients, like sweet almond oil, coconut and olive oil, essential oils.

Do you also sell honey?

Yes, seasonally, we do sell honey. Watch the Shop page for availability!

Is there bee poop in my lip balm?

Um, no. That’s pretty much impossible. Bees are incredibly fastidious creatures who spend a large portion of their lives cleaning out the hive and would never so much as dream of pooping inside the colony. Instead, they hold it and take it outside. Which can be a drag for them, I imagine, when we have long periods of rain during which they stay indoors.

What is salve? Is it just another word for lotion?

Salve is quite different from lotion, actually. It’s much thicker and is ideal for really dry skin. The best way to use it is to warm some in your hands, then apply. The coconut and olive oil are really good for your skin, and the beeswax helps seal it in. You might find it feels a little tacky at first – i.e., sticky – but that passes. I use it on my super dry hands and feet, and also find that it does a marvelous job of keeping tattoos shiny and pretty!

How do I clean the wax out of my candle tin/dish?

This part is like magic, I think! Once you’ve burned down the candle and can burn no more, then carefully pour boiling water into the container and let sit for five minutes. During that time, line a colander with a paper towel and place in the sink. The paper towel is essential: you do NOT want to be pouring wax down the drain.

Once the five minutes have elapsed, use a chop stick or something similar to stir that boiling water around for a second to loosen anything that might be stuck to the sides or bottom of the container.  Then, hands protected with a potholder (boiling water will have made the sides of your container HOT), pour the boiling water into the paper towel-lined colander. Wipe down the sides of the container with another paper towel — watch your hands, it will still be HOT! Repeat process as necessary.

Beekeeping General

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